ICT going haywire :D

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Okie..so the tweets are autodeleting,but some faster, some slower.. :liar: :liar:


In the meantime he also became a prophet,whos doing gods work.. :hail: :hail:


Kinda starting to remind me of this guy.. :nuts: :nuts:


ANyways, everybody knows he made a few mios, except nobody knows when. But luckily he re-associated with BP.. So no worries.. :nailbite:
Ah well..
This is starting to get really funny :lawl:
Dude, nobody told ya that drugs are bad for you..? :ponder:

Piper 2.0 said:
Except hes going for it the 4th time by some babypippers.. :lawl:


lol, that entire thread is a complete and utter joke, literally nothing of value whatsoever in all 27 pages
there's only one answer that makes any sense.

he enjoys having a section of the trading community throwing stones at home, and casting doubt on his trading abilities. He said so himself, in that recent reference to Elijah.

with this understanding of his motivations, you can see why he would prefer to drag this out for as long as humanly possible. In fact, he has the most to gain by never posting any myfxbook link.

Keep that in mind.
You're forgetting a whole bunch of things about his "business model"

Like saying he'll do x, and then consistently does y. Claiming grandiose returns, upwards of 25% a month for over years now and hasn't yet proven it once.

Routinely deletes all internet content for the sole purpose of preventing others from going back to it and seeing the lies and distortions and false truths. That's why he's deleted 2 twitter accounts, all his tweets, 2 livestream accounts, and a crap load of youtube videos. Like the fake gun storage video, or the other two 1,000,000 challenges he's started and blown in to thin air. He probably holds a record for the most content deleted from social media, solely so he can repurpose it and package it to a bunch of new fanboys.

Or the simple yet false claims that he has been investigated by the CFTC and told to remove content, yet there is no record of any Michael J Huddleston being investigated. Or how he manages a hedge fund but not one single person in the financial world has ever, in the past 5 years, vouched for him. Other then the internet, he is a ghost. Heck, I can't even donate to a charity without my name getting posted on a thank you website but ICT...the only thing he has is a self proclaimed linkdin account.

If this really were a real world business model he would have ZERO followers. Only in the world of the internet can someone hang around for 5 years creating fallacies and people still flock to his side with ZERO proof of anything.

It may be hard to wrap your head around, but there is a reason he comes to this site and not other sites like FF. Or why he uses twitter and not stocktwits...because he would get called out so quickly his ego wouldn't be able to bare it. I see people all day everyday making live trade calls on stocktwits, yet ICT is the only person in America who apparently gets given stop orders from the government.

So yes, he hasn't made any "profit" but he has been given what he desires, a large ego stroking by the blind faithful. I'm still waiting to "eat crow" like he said we all would on his first myfxbook.

He's the one who makes outlandish claims, he's the one who needs to prove them. If he didn't want to be called to task, he shouldn't be spouting off like he's gods greatest gift to trading.

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