HOWTO install Oanda Desktop (fxTrade) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Debain

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This HOWTO is for installing Oanda Desktop / fxTrade on the latest Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Debian.

Previously, you could launch Oanda's fxTrade directly from your browser in Linux so long as you had the right Java version and browser plugin installed. However, Oanda created a new web based trading platform and only offers fxTrade for desktop use. Many long running Oanda clients will prefer the fxTrade environment, so here's how to get fxTrade working on your Ubuntu or Debian Linux OS.

First up, we will need to install a compatible version of Java. In the past when we wanted to run fxTrade directly from a browser plugin, we would use Oracle's Java. Oracle however, has gone full commercial with their Java implementation, and since we no longer need the browser plugin I'm going to suggest using the default OpenJDK Java implementation that comes with Debian/Ubuntu:

All we have to do is enter the following commands in a terminal window to install OpenJDK: (To open a terminal window in Ubuntu's Unity desktop or Debian while using Gnome desktop, just do the key combination: CTRL+ALT+T)
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install default-jre
(Hit enter when asked to install the required new packages after that last command.)

Once complete, grab the latest install for Oanda Desktop (fxTrade) from their site. You don't need to be logged in to get the install files, but you do need to access these links from the machine you're installing Oanda Desktop on as it uses your browser's client data to know what platfrom you wish to use (that is to say, if you follow these links on a Windows machine, you're going to get Windows installer files.. so use your Linux computer to get the Linux install script.)

Oanda Desktop:
Oanda Practice Desktop:

This should prompt you to download a .tar archive file. Save this file in your downloads folder.

Next we want to extract the contents of the .tar file we just downloaded. Since we will be executing the installer in a terminal / command line interface, let's use the terminal to extract the archive:

cd Downloads/
tar -xvvf fxTradePractice_installer.tar

Notes on the above:
  • If you've saved the installer to another directory, you will have to 'cd' into that directory.
  • If you're using the live client, the filename will be different and not include the word "Practice", adjust this line accordingly.
Finally, run the installer script:

This should only take a second. Once complete, you will see a new icon on your desktop for the installed fxTrade application.

Ubuntu may not know the application and might need to confirm with you that it can be trusted:

And upon running for the first time, it may take a moment as the application grabs the latest files from Oanda's servers. Once it's done, you should be greeted with Oanda Desktop (fxTrade) asking you to login:



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I think I need some help here. I followed the process but I wasnt able to lunch the desktop application. This is the message I am seeing:

Name=fxTrade Practice
Exec=java -jar -Xmx512m -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false /home/xxx/.oanda/jar/fxTradePractice/fxTradePractice

Any idea where I am failing?


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Are you on 18.04 LTS with the Unity desktop?

Sounds like when you double click the shortcut you're opening the shortcut in a text editor instead of having it launch the application.

If you open a terminal window, you can execute it yourself by copying and pasting the line in your post after "Exec="
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