HOWTO: (Easily) Install the Latest Metatrader 4 (MT4) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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MetaTrader 4 is a Windows based application, however, it can be installed on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions with the use of software called Wine.

Wine aims to reproduce the Windows libraries required to run Windows apps on non-windows platforms.

Getting MT4 to run on Linux with Wine is relatively easy, however, the instructions below are for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.. your mileage may very on other Linux distros.

With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Wine is not installed by default and thus we must install the latest wine from Ubuntu's repositories.

Launch a terminal instance by pressing your home key (or clicking the Ubuntu menu button on your task bar,) and typing in Terminal. (Or, use the Ctrl+Alt+T desktop shortcut.)

In the terminal, type the following command:

First, let's remove any previous version of Wine that might be installed:
sudo apt-get install wine-stable

You will see a long list of packages that Ubuntu must install alongside of Wine, these are dependencies that Wine needs to run, you can safely answer "Y" for yes to begin the install.


Note: it is not required to go to Wine's website or download any package from a 3rd party source. Ubuntu's own package manager (apt-get) will pull the correct and trusted installer files you need automatically.

Once wine is installed, it's time to download and install MT4: Grab your desired broker's MT4 installer package. (The broker I'll be using in this tutorial is Pepperstone Financial, but this process should work with any MT4 broker.) You can download MT4 here.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS does not seem to automatically associate '.exe' files with Wine once Wine is installed, so we will have to use the terminal to launch the MT4 installer.

cd Downloads/
wine pepperstone4setup.exe
Note: If you're not using Pepperstone, you will need to change the name to the name of your MT4 installer file.

The first time Wine runs, it takes a moment to setup the Wine environment. You will see an initialization window pop up, this is normal and you just need to wait it out for a few minutes. (You might see some errors or debug output in the terminal, but in most cases you can safely ignore this.)

After that completes, you should be greeted with the MT4 install wizard.


After going through the MT4 install wizard, the installer will launch MT4 upon completion and it sets an icon on your desktop. (The installer for MT4 will also launch the website, which you can close and get back to the install.)

Wine knows to put the icon on your desktop and you can now launch MT4 from there moving forward, however, you must tell the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop (which is now based on Gnome,) to trust the shortcut. So select "Trust and Launch" when using this icon on your desktop the next time you go to launch MT4.

NOTE: There might be some trouble creating a new demo account from within MT4 on Wine. If you run into this problem, just create a demo account through Pepperstone's website with this link and use the login credentials to login within MT4 once it has launched.

And that's it! Enjoy your MT4!

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