HOWTO: (Easily) install the latest MetaTrader 4 (MT4) on OpenSuSE Leap 42.3

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MetaTrader 4 is a Windows based application, however, it can be installed on Fedora Workstation 26 and other Linux distributions with the use of software called Wine.

Wine aims to reproduce the Windows libraries required to run Windows apps on non-windows platforms.

Getting MT4 to run on Linux with Wine is relatively easy, however, the instructions below are for OpenSuSE Leap 42.3.. your mileage may very on other Linux distros, but do check the Execution Platforms forum for more HOWTOs with other distros.

With the default install of OpenSuSE Leap 42.3, Wine is not pre-installed and must be installed manually. Luckily, OpenSuSE not only has Wine available from the distribution's package manager, but it's a version of Wine that's compatible with MT4.

To install Wine, we must launch YaST, which is OpenSuSE's system administration application. From there, we are going to select the "Software" tab on the left side navigational panel, and then select "Software Management" as seen here:


A new window will appear (the package manager) and from here we need to search for the Wine package:


Make sure to check the Wine, Wine-32bit, and Wine-gecko packages. Select apply at the bottom to start the package install process.

The package manager will now request that you also install various dependencies / additional software that Wine need to operate. This is expected, just accept the additional packages (click continue,) and start the install process:


Once wine is installed, it's time to download and install MT4: Grab your desired broker's MT4 installer package. (The broker I'll be using in this tutorial is Pepperstone Financial, but this process should work with any MT4 broker.) You can download MT4 here.

Using Firefox, the default browser in OpenSuSE, your download should be in the Downloads folder of your home directory. OpenSuSE and KDE, the default desktop environment, also properly associate windows programs with Wine, so you should only have to double click the MT4 installer file to start Wine for the first time and install the trading terminal:


The very first time Wine is used (to start your MT4 install,) it might require a few extra modules to be updated or installed. This is normal and on OpenSuSE Leap it appears to require the Wine Mono integration to properly handle the installer file:


Just hit install and give Wine a few minutes to complete its first run setup. Wine will continue loading the MT4 installer once it is ready and the MT4 installer should be as you'd expect on Windows:


After going through the MT4 install wizard, the installer will launch MT4 upon completion and it sets a shortcut in your "Desktop" folder for your user. Unfortunately, OpenSuSE's default KDE desktop doesn't appear to handle the desktop shortcut properly or it's not setup in a way that will lunch Wine and MT4 correctly.

There are probably a few ways of fixing the desktop icon, but in a pinch I found just creating a desktop link to the MT4 install folder to directly launch the applications worked best for me since I'd likely need quick access to MT4's install folder anyway (to install scripts and EAs easily.) So you can go ahead and delete the desktop icon created by the MT4 installer.

To setup a link to the MT4 install directory, do the following:

Right click on your desktop > Create New > Link to Location (URL)

In the pop-up window that appears, name your file something like "MT4 Folder" and then click the folder icon on the next line to bring up a folder selection dialog:

In the address bar on the folder selection window (that currently says "desktop:/",) copy and paste the following over top of what's there (and replace [USERNAME] with your login name in OpenSuSE:

/home/[USERNAME]/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files (x86)/Pepperstone MetaTrader 4/

This, of course, is assuming you've installed MT4 to the default directory. If you have done anything custom install wise, you might need to edit the above to fit your specific situation.

Once the address is there, hit your enter key. You should see the contents of the MT4 folder below (with folder names such as "config", and "history".) Click the Open button below to finish this folder dialog.

Finally hit 'Ok' on the Create link to URL window. You should now see a new folder appear on your desktop named as whatever you set it to be. Opening this folder should bring you to the MT4 folder, and launching terminal.exe will now launch MT4.



NOTE: There might be some trouble creating a new demo account from within MT4 on Wine. If you run into this problem, just create a demo account through Pepperstone's website with this link and use the login credentials to login within MT4 once it has launched.

And that's it! Enjoy your MT4!
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