FTMO Trader Scouting


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Discovered the chat from reddit and been there a few times in the past few days, so I figured why not introduce myself too on the forums.

I've been trading blindly for at least a year before finding my edge/strat/system which I thinks works pretty well in theory, however the mental game is another story (as I may have mentioned too many times already lol, but let's not get into details).

This trading game has taught me that failures are an important part of any success curves, and talking about them helps me enormously so ya... I'm mostly here to find an emotional support group for when I go down the abyss once again, lol JK, but in all seriousness to hopefully learn new things about levels, progression, momentum, stuff like that (haven't learned from ICT, but I'm sure it's all the same with different words).
FTMO Trader Scouting