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FTMO Trader Scouting

samuel costa

Hello people ,just to say thank you to all of your input concerning ICT' s methodologies as Im happy to have stumbled to , now have downloaded all of his videos available on his website as well as others found on youtube channel... also had the chance to download some of his indicators and wealth management sheet.xls from this very same website so thanks to the participants. Since December 2014 never had the chance to taste any sucsess... either lack of knowledge or trading under emotion and overtrading have been the culprits of my failure, not so because of overleveraging though! Having nearly thrown the towel luckly found ICT's material nearly watched all his videos. Started this week by taking notes of first 2 videos Went 1 Went 2 some of the concepts found that i have started to apply on a fxpro demo account already linked to myfxbook... not easy task started with profit but now at loss again... my purpose here is to develop a trading journal / trading plan within the website's forum topics and also learn more and keep posting my progress ...

Thank you all
Hello -- I'm a newbie too -- looked at it a little a couple years ago but never got very far into it -- now I have been back at it about 5 months I guess -- I have started doing some trading on demo account -- not so great at it so far but I am learning
FTMO Trader Scouting