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Hello everyone! My name is Oz and I have been learning technical analysis for just over a year now. I trade US indices, Oil, Gold, BTC, as well as the major forex pairs. My strategy generally revolves around trend continuation, (buying uptrends at points where the trend is close to being broken and vice versa) as well as breakouts and backtests of important technical structural levels. I have been dabbling in Elliot Wave, I have a general sense but am not proficient to the level I would like.

Looking forward to meeting more traders and becoming an active member of the community.

Hello and welcome! :)

How far have you gotten with Elliot Wave?

Sticking with trends is a great place to start. Which product have you had the most success with?
Hi Jack!

So with EW I'm just a beginner, I'm practicing identifying impulse and corrective waves on longer term charts currently. I'm truly fascinated as I feel that some of my failures with other methods seem to be addressed clearly with Eliiot Wave structures. I want to continue my education on this topic and truly master it.

I've had the most success with NAS100 as I have been dabbling in stocks for a few years now, however in my relatively brief experience with forex I have found AU and EU to work well with my strategies.
FTMO Trader Scouting