Hi Everyone, am new here but not new to trading.

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Hello great people.

I am new here but am not new to trading. The reason I've come here is to learn how to trade like a winner.
I've been trading, blown so many accounts. Sometimes, I wonder if the market is real cos it kinda goes the opposite direction of my trades. Like 90% of my trades will be in the opposite direction.

Am sure I'll learn a few things here. I am mostly excited doing Price Action analysis on charts but seems to work best in the demo accounts and not so well in Live.

Nonetheless, am not discouraged, I'll learn, and I will be able to teach others who are in the same situation as I have been.

Any suggestions and/or advice will be greatly appreciated. (I've also realized am more of a lazy reader, I kinda find myself looking fo things that I can learn from example and apply immediately, then review progress)

" Like 90% of my trades will be in the opposite direction. "

1) https://www.ea-coder.com/reverse-mode-in-ltc-software/

2) pay " i cunt trade " 150 per month and fade all of his shit

now you're a winner. close the thread.

Thank you @shopster, I will get in touch with them this end of month and see how it goes. Currently, I've also focused on learning more of S&D, Support and Resistance levels in trying to trades a little more accurately.
hello and welcome! i can suggest checking out multiple broker demos as different spreads and leverage will of course impact the markets/instruments you are trading. what instruments do you like to trade???
Welcome to the forum, I would like to suggest that as you said that you are not new in Forex trading but have not succeed in Forex yet. You should learn the basics of forex again and should have a mentor who can help you how to avoid loss in Forex and then start again and try to not repeat same mistakes again.
FTMO Trader Scouting