Hi Everyone, am new here but not new to trading.


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Hello great people.

I am new here but am not new to trading. The reason I've come here is to learn how to trade like a winner.
I've been trading, blown so many accounts. Sometimes, I wonder if the market is real cos it kinda goes the opposite direction of my trades. Like 90% of my trades will be in the opposite direction.

Am sure I'll learn a few things here. I am mostly excited doing Price Action analysis on charts but seems to work best in the demo accounts and not so well in Live.

Nonetheless, am not discouraged, I'll learn, and I will be able to teach others who are in the same situation as I have been.

Any suggestions and/or advice will be greatly appreciated. (I've also realized am more of a lazy reader, I kinda find myself looking fo things that I can learn from example and apply immediately, then review progress)



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" Like 90% of my trades will be in the opposite direction. "

1) https://www.ea-coder.com/reverse-mode-in-ltc-software/

2) pay " i cunt trade " 150 per month and fade all of his shit

now you're a winner. close the thread.

Thank you @shopster, I will get in touch with them this end of month and see how it goes. Currently, I've also focused on learning more of S&D, Support and Resistance levels in trying to trades a little more accurately.

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hello and welcome! i can suggest checking out multiple broker demos as different spreads and leverage will of course impact the markets/instruments you are trading. what instruments do you like to trade???