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Hi I’m tmurray I’ve been trading for 5 years, I’ve traded stocks, options, futures and for the last 2 years focused mainly on forex. I would like to say with 5 years’ experience I’m a consistently profitable trader but that’s not the case I’ve been the worst trader, consistently unprofitable week in week out, month after month, and year after year. One would think I would’ve gave up but I remember someone saying something like, “most people quit when it gets tough not realizing their 3 feet away from success” Well trading has been tough for me but if I’m only 3 feet away, I’m pushing through no matter what it takes. With all that said I’m starting to see some light the last 2 months have been green and that’s a real good feeling lol. Looking forward to being a part of the group thanks for having me
Hello and welcome!

Where do you think you're struggling the most? Are you trading live or demo?
I’m trading a live account. My problem has always been a lack of patience. A small list of other mistakes I’ve made are fear of missing a trade, fear of losing, over trading, convincing myself there’s a setup when there’s not the list goes on and on. I think the biggest mistake I’ve made is strategy hopping. I think it’s a vicious cycle one could find themselves in, I know I did. I’ve learned a lot about trading and more about myself. What is turning the corner for me is sticking with one strategy, strict money management rules, and a whole lot patience.
FTMO Trader Scouting