FTMO Trader Scouting


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Hi all, newbie here saying hello. Traded a fair bit over the last few years but still have plenty to learn.......
You never stop learning in this game. The moment you feel like you know it all, you'll be heading downhill.

Hello and welcome!
Why don't you tell us how you've been trading so far and what major lessons you've learned? Cheers! :)
Started with IML and tried a few of the strategies suggested by their educators. Then moved on to IML's Swipe Trades where I just copied what their 'expert' traders were doing. This didn't go too well so I moved on to automation and letting bots place my trades for me. Again, this didn't end too well. Then I started looking at pitchforks which are really interesting and if the stats are true (I'm yet to confirm) then there could be some good profits to be made. This is where I am today.....
FTMO Trader Scouting