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My name is Rachel and been trading for just over a year.

Things are starting to click, and finding the trading style that suits me was key to that as well as taking to time to understand the importance of mindset in being successful!

It will be great to talk to you all and share in everyone's experience.

Hi Jack, thank you

I trade mainly the 4 hr, going up to daily for overall trend and down to 1 hr for entry. All about quality over quantity for me now.

When I first started it was the idea of scalping that I liked but soon realised it was not for me, in regards to both mindset and time available.

Working out my trading style preference was an important step, and now being able to focus on this without distractions.
Quality over quantity is a good way to keep from over-trading. How have you been doing with all the brexit volatility we've seen lately?
Exactly yes, I take no more than 2 or 3 trades a week.

Brexit is a pain lol , great set-ups have been less, so is a test of my patience to wait for them to come to me and not force the trades.
FTMO Trader Scouting