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I am inviting you to request membership to "GdayFx Corner"
This section of the forum cannot be seen by the public or members,
unless i accept there request.
You can request group membership by going to your Profile link, Click on Group Membership in your Menu,
then select GdayFx Corner request, once approved, you will have access to what i follow


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Re: Gdayfx Corner - offers exclusive membership, free

Details on how to join special membership groups:

Step 1: Have an account. If you don't already have an FXGears account, register for one. You can't lurk boards that require membership without one.

Step 2: Once logged in, click the "Profile" link you see at the top of any given page.


From the profile link, select "Group Memberships" from the left menu.


From the Group Memberships page, select "Request Membership" on the desired membership group.

Step 3: In some cases, you will need to be approved for membership by the person(s) organizing the group. If this is the case, you will then be asked to write a message to the group organizer(s) detailing why you want or require access. The group organizer(s) will then approve or deny your request.

If anyone has trouble with this process, please feel free to PM me about it.

Re: Gdayfx's Corner - Offers Exclusive Membership, Free

Just a quick note:

In light of some of the excellent contributions and participation by some of the members here, I've been offering the use of private boards to some of our community's more active posters.

They've been given the ability to use said private board however they'd like. Some have used it as a private journal. Some have used it for coaching other members in a non-public setting. And in GdayFX's case, he is using it as a place to share his unique content where he has the ability moderate and keep the conversation on topic, while keeping possible disruptions at bay.

Within GdayFX's Corner, GdayFX has final say over how the board is run and is a 'moderator'. His "pad", his rules. Outside of GdayFX's Corner, he's a just a regular member like anyone else without any additional permissions/rights.

Here's the key: if you like his stuff posted around the forum so far, you can request membership and get a lot more of it in GdayFX's corner. If you don't like it, you can continue on as your normally would and not be exposed to the private board he runs and the additional GdayFX content within.

I am willing to do the same type of setup for anyone who's shown a commitment to the community (be it by content or participation) and I will be sending messages to members as they qualify, but if you have a unique idea of what you'd like to setup or how you'd like to give back the community here through such a setup, please PM me, as I'm always willing to consider new ideas. :)

Re: Gdayfx's Corner - total revamp - Updated March 2014

I follow AUDUSD EURAUD EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY & the dollar baskets

If you want to look at what i am keeping my eye on through the weeks,
you can join this corner


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