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my name is Mike Semlitsch. I’m the owner of and a professional software developer who trades since more than 10 years.

I can proudly present a very good Double Top/Bottom indicator which gives you a good edge over the market and which is based on sound trading logic.


You can get the indicator here for FREE:

The following video shows the great potential of this indicator. The 35 trades in the video had a theoretical performance of 128% profit with 2% risk per trade.

With theoretical performance, I mean that this could have been the profit if you would have exited every trade at the optimal price level. Of course, this optimum result can’t be achieved during real trading conditions where you don’t know future price moves.

But the video shows that the raw signals of the indicator (without visual filtering) produced 24 winning trades and only 11 losing trades. In the video, I count a trade as a winning trade if it reaches at least 1R profit (1R = initial risk of the trade). So, these raw signals would be already very profitable if you place the target for all trades at 1R and then leave the trade alone, without trying to find the optimal exit.

Please watch the video (BTW: this indicator does NOT repaint):

You can even get FREE Signals of this indicator. And you can get access to a FREE Telegram Group where you can learn trading with the indicator from experienced traders:
You will have the biggest edge with the indicator if you add an edge of the bigger picture. This means that you should FILTER the signals and only choose those signals which are in direction of an edge of the bigger picture.

Edge Of Bigger Picture + Edge Of Signal On Lower TF = Incredible Big Edge

Here are some examples:








FTMO Trader Scouting