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Hello all and first off I would like to say how impressed I am with this community. Seems like a good place for a beginner like me. Started trading forex demo 3 days ago. At first it was daunting but I am beginning to get a few things down. I focus basically on the market opens and scalp away. The pairings I have been trading most are the eurusd and the chfjpy. My focus mostly right now is to learn and get my emotions out of the equation as much as possible. Just mostly looking for any big pointers that I should be entering into my commandments?
Hello and welcome!

(and don't mind Piper; there's one in every bunch :p)
It's more like a 50% chance to crash and burn. 35% to lose a little. 10% to make a little (but waste a lot of time). And 5% to do decently.

Granted, showing up here should limit the first one a bit, which is a big improvement to your odds. :p
Well I work weekends and have mon-thurs off so I can waste lot time. I have been working on making a rule set to live by that will keep me in check. Just going to baby step my way along right now. A small gain is better than a loss.
FTMO Trader Scouting