First 20 Trades Commission Free for Aussie / Asia Clients - Promo is back at Pepperstone! (June 2020)

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Pepperstone has extended a promo in Australia and most of Asia (including Singapore, China,) called "Zero commission. Infinite opportunities" and are offering $0 commission on your first 20 trades (for new clients.)

This is a great way to test out Pepperstone's execution quality without paying much in terms of fees; Anyone trading larger size would see huge savings when testing out Pepperstone's liquidity. For example, if your average order size is $1MM on AUD/USD, that's a potential $70+AUD savings per trade, for 20 trades.

More info though this link: Pepperstone $0 commissions on your first 20 trades.

(Note: Residents in the EU and UK would not be eligible for this promo.)
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