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Why not avoid the fee and just go with Dukas directly?

You can always use a demo account with any MT4 provider to make use of charting and any special indicators.. really just need Dukas for execution.
Jack said:
Ohh... unless you want to trade via EAs..

Ye I was looking in to using a bridge between MT4 and dukas which would work with an EA, however, this seemed a cleaner and possibly more reliable solution if the feed truly is 'unobstructed' that is..

I also like the idea of technical support as Im only a mere mortal..

So this morning my EA placed its first trade with "Fair" Trading Technology which is fine, except, that it was in the opposite direction to that which the EA is allowed to trade.

Thats right, somehow this particular "technology provider" managed to trigger my EA to trade in the opposite direction to the logic that its programmed to follow.

Ive witnessed price manipulation before but high time frame trending EA manipulation? You saw it here first folks!

My EA relys on no less that two high time frame trending indicators to filter long and short trades, so why did it trade counter trend against its own parameters in a strong down trend?!

I contacted Fair trading technology to ask some 'difficult questions';

1. Your website says "Tired of broker manipulation?" implying that the T3 bridge does not manipulate price. Can you explain why your platform triggered my EA to go long this morning against its own logic?

2. With regards to your company name, is it 'Fair' as in mutually beneficial or 'Fair' as in Fun Fair?

Im happy to report that the Fair trading customer support rep was able to answer both my questions.

Whereas I accept that the companys mantra designed to reflect transparency, honesty and equally beneficial, I dont believe that the EA was triggered due to the Magic Number Field being populated!

Yes that was their answer believe it or not! On a brighter note, they did offer to test my EA to see if they could replicate the problem. I respectfully declined their offer.

Good Luck & Good EA Trading Folks!
I would suggest you to find a reliable broker(moneywise) with ctrader, they can't pull out their BS hat tricks on that platform.
Piper said:
I would suggest you to find a reliable broker(moneywise) with ctrader, they can't pull out their BS hat tricks on that platform.

Good point.

Alpha-Bet said:
Did you run appropriate due diligence..........

There's a thread on this site you authored.

Yes, Fortunately it was a demo account so the probe was underway.

Forgot to mention, they also have a B2B model...


Things are much clearer when we have all the facts! ;)
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