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Maybe I'm the only one who didn't get the memo. Just in case others have not yet discovered them you might like to check out this site for brilliant charting.


I signed up for a free account and in almost no time had a watchlist of my favourite pairs and some great charts. I have found MT4 frustrating and this online tool leaves MetaQuotes in its dust IMO. For a start, I can now do decent analysis on higher time frame charts like weekly and monthly. I could never get enough data from MT4 brokers to do this properly.

I also very quickly converted some of my personal tools to the new environment using their Pine scripting tool. Coders will find it a snap and others may find it easier to learn than coding for MT4.

The site is very "social" but I can't comment on that. I am only interested in the charting which I find quite refreshing.
I just sent them an email about possible site integration (not just published charts or images..)

I've been looking for a charting package for this site for a while now..
(Moved thread to 'third party services' section.)

Got an out of office notification from their COO's inbox.

Didn't realized MultiCharts was behind TradingView.. interesting.

I'm sure I'll find out mind July if anything comes of my inquiry.
Aahh yiss.. https://www.tradingview.com/tradingview-for-the-web/
So, I wasn't the only one who missed the memo then. ;)

Sounds good Jack. I'll be interested to watch developments.
FTMO Trader Scouting