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Est. 12480 Hours and Counting
ETX Capital are offering Spread Betting on MT4.

I'm interested if this broker does any of the following;

1. Stop Raids where the broker will push pricing 10 pips or more further than the interbank market rate.

2. Optimal Entry Blocking where the broker will prevent price from entering optimal trade zones.

3. Off Quotes where the broker rejects stop orders placed at market.

If you have had any experience with this broker please provide feedback below.
I have not previously heard of this broker... but upon looking at them I'm a little cautious. They appear to cater to betters/punter with their CFD products, and rely on a mixed B-book model (see their detailed conflict of interest page disclose on their site.) They are also pushing into binary options a la a Cyprus provider, which automatically turn me off of any FX broker. (Binary options of a Cyprus variety are bad.. m'ky.)

So yeah, appears they are more or less in the same class as brokers like IG.
Thanks for your input Jack. :thumbsup:

So Spread betting brokers use the "TAX Free" carrot to lure in unsuspecting punters (such as myself) to an unregulated gambling business masquerading as a decentralized market.

The fact that they call it spread betting just means that they are not answerable to regulators and can get away with their own price and execution manipulation which gives them an unfair advantage over the trader who is already dealing in a high risk highly manipulated market.
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