CNS - Virtual Private Server (In NYC, partnered with many brokers.)

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I've been using these guys for almost a year now. Very happy with their performance and reliability.

Their NYC servers are located in Manhattan (with other options on the west coast and in London UK) and thus there's extremely low latency to most major banks and trading facilities.

The perks of CNS's offerings make them stand out over other VPS providers that cater to the financial industry, specifically:

  • 2 form factor authentication. Making access to your remote server very secure by sending you a code to your cellphone on each login attempt, no code, no access... so even if someone gets your password they can't login.
  • Android and iPhone remote server administration apps.
  • Sponsoring programs (if you meet the criteria, some brokers will pay for your VPS.)
  • Windows 2012 Server options.
  • Autoboot (manages applications to be launched and adjusted when the systems boots) and automated backup tools for free.

On the reliability front: During hurricane Sandy, when most of downtown Manhattan was flooded and without power for days, my VPS and trading algos did not experience a moment of downtime. At one point, both my broker's execution server's and my VPS server's datacenters were running on gas generators (so I jokingly called my trading algos 'gas powered' that week) and as a testament to disaster planning there was no downtime.
Does somebody use this service? They ask 0.108$ per 1 GB. I wanna transfer 5 ears UERUSD 1 minute tick... How much space do I need?
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