Central Bank Dealing Range (CDR) with ICT Asia Range Combo

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Hello Aus, I just stumbled on this indicator and I think you are brilliant to develop this. I looked through the discussion but could not find the AusDoc-ICT-CDR-AsiaRange(GMT).mq4 file but found the ex4. I know you said not to request this but I need help to create the tool for MT5 as running more than 2 MT4 instances kill my laptop. Sorry to be a pain but I will appreciate the help. Thanks in advance and hope you read this message.
This combo provides a CDR indicator with an Asian Range (first 5 hours) indicator as used by ICT. I have styled the default colours for the CDR indi according to ICT's use in his 05_14_14 webinar (they are pretty garish, but to each their own). Note that ICT did request people posting charts based on his work, if they include the CDR, to standardize their look.

  • Display can be turned on or off (no need to keep installing/deleting)
  • Each element can be displayed independently (only display what you want to see)
  • Colours can be set by user (but give some thought to ICT's request) :)
  • Times can be set by user (but see limitations below)
  • It is completely free (but don't request the source please)

  • Assumes no dinky Sunday charts :eek: (so it won't work across "days")
  • Suitable for server "days" that end at NY close and start on Asia open (see chart)

Sample chart:

If your broker's server has different starting and ending times for each day and you need an indicator to cross days like ICT's does each Sunday-Monday then you may find the indicator by Hopiplaka better suited.

The file is attached.
could you send the link of this indicator i will be thankful for you help
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