Central Bank Dealers Range Indicator


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hi everyone, am new here.
can someone please help me with a video or tutorial on how to use the ICT_CBDR indicator.
also most of the download links posted are no longer working.
Hi All,

I've created 4 central bank dealers range indicators (MT4 build 600 and up) and want to share it with you.

You can download the indicators here:
CBDR DAILY: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/307602/fx_indicators/_ICT_CBDR.ex4
CBDR WEEKLY: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/307602/fx_indicators/_ICT_CBDR_WEEKLY.ex4
CBDR MONTHLY: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/307602/fx_indicators/_ICT_CBDR_MONTHLY.ex4
CBDR YEARLY: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/307602/fx_indicators/_ICT_CBDR_YEARLY.ex4

The timeframe to calculate the DAILY CDR is 18:00-00:00 GMT.
It is capable to overflow to the next day, unlike the ICT Asian Range indicator.

Follow properties can be set:
  • Draw the Dealer Range for this number of days: Apart from today, how many days in the past do you want to draw the lines for
  • HourDifferenceFromGMT: Leave this to 0 if on GMT (Forex Ltd), choose -4 in DST for Oanda (and EST brokers) and -5 when no DST. Choose 3 for Pepperstone
  • Colors for the CBR and STD lines buy and sell zones
  • The width and line styles
  • Show the STD 2 and 3 lines
  • Start hour in GMT of the STD lines
  • ExtendHours: Until what GMT time do you want to draw the lines. Defaults to 18, which is to the next dealer range
  • Show vertical lines for kill zones: Asian KZ, London Open KZ, New York Open KZ, Take Profit KZ
  • Short LO and NYO KZ: 7-10GMT and 12-14GMT instead of 11-14GMT

Some people only want to draw the STD lines during the LO session.
For this set:
  • Start hour in GMT of STD Lines to 6 or 7 (for the sort Kill Zones)
  • Extend the STD lines until what GMT time to 10

By default the STD2 and STD3 lines are draw with a line width > 1.
On MT4, when the line width > 1 the lines will be draw SOLID always.

You need to put the indicator in your indicator folder of your MT4 installation.
Check out following article in order to know how to do this:

Feel free to test it and provide constructive feedback :)
Hi i am not able to get access to the link. Can you please assist.



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hi guys, can someone please provide an alternative download link for all the ICT CBDR indicators?
none of the download links in this tread works.
kindly send to my email simbuzy@gmail.com