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Michael Berman

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I will leave it to the forum administrator to decide if this kind of self promotion is allowed on the forum.

I run a Platform called PsyQuation which is focused on identifying and developing trading talent.

We are actively looking for talent according to our proprietary scoring metric and our program is designed to incubate and help a trader along on their journey. There are no costs for joining. If this is something that you think makes sense then you should connect your MT4 account and see if you qualify.

What is your legal relationship with AxiTrader? Are you a referring agent / introducing broker?
I am intrigued that there are not more questions being asked about the program. Is it because there are so many people out in the industry saying they can make you rich? Is it because it isn't clear how it all works? Either way feedback is always welcome. Good luck with your trading everyone.
yes and yes
Ok thanks Rod that is helpful and I would agree 100% that there are too many people promising the impossible. Around 80% of traders lose money trading FX so the number of talented traders is very small.
On the point that it is not all that clear, we are aware that our message is not as clear as it can be. We are currently in the redesign of our website which we hope to re-launch in mid April. Look forward to seeing you one day on our Leaderboard. :cool:
FTMO Trader Scouting