" Canada just elected an idiot...."

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PM Justin Trudeau, "Canada just elected an idiot"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZscWceyY9Fg

I am stunned Canada chose this fool to represent them but there you have it.

Aa lampooner of absurd politics, I just won the lottery. Canadians, on the other hand, just jumped off a cliff.

When Americans ask me how dumb he is, I say, “He’s not like anyone you have met in real life.

He’s like a character in a TV show. Like, Joey from Friends. He’s cartoonishly dumb.”

The other amazing thing about Justin is that his entire merit is based on the fact that he’s Pierre Trudeau’s son.

Young people assumed Pierre was a good Prime Minister but for those of us who were there, we remember what a complete tool he was. He rammed French and multiculturalism down the entire country’s throat and he spent so much of our money doing it, the dollar never really recovered.

So, the Prime Minister of Canada is incompetent and he was elected because of his father, who was also incompetent.

It’s going to be a wild ride.

I voted for him cause he said he'd legalize it.

He spoke to my soul, bro. My soul!


I know he's dumb and I love it. I bet you'll have to pay a lot more taxes now... love that even more ;D


U MAD BRO??!??

You're old. Don't fret about the future of Canada too much, you'll be dead soon enough.

Take care! Have a nice weekend 8)

When Pierre Trudeau died, I was delivering newspapers at the time. I remember standing under the streetlight at 5AM in the morning reading about this guy I never heard of and wondering why people gave so much of a fuck about him that they'd plaster his dead face on the front page. Don't give a FUCK about Pierre Trudeau.
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