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Been using this software for a few years now and love the work that David has done.

Build Alpha

The idea behind it is placing a fast and robust backtesting engine behind an interface that lets you rapidly test out ideas without having to code it yourself.

Now, the main focus of the software is time series data and indicators, so it's not my bread and butter when it comes to algo trading, but it has been a strong compliment to what I already do with code.

There's too many features to list, but I will point out how the two big hidden gems of this software is both the python integration (allowing you to write your own signals to test,) and the ability to import custom data... (wanna test an idea on 30 second bars or intraday data? Just feed it in.)

Sometimes it's great just to quickly sanity check ideas... there are times I'll be observing a market and see a pattern that looks too good to be true, thinking to myself "there's no way this works so well." A quick reproduction within Build Alpha and a few minutes of backtesting later and I know if I need to dig deeper or if I can safely forget about it. The time saving factor is huge.

Anyhoo... anyone else use this? Any experiences here?
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