Best forex mentor ever!

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just watch 5min's of this video and have a laugh with me :)
OMG this guy is so brutal.. you can skip to any point in the video and within a few seconds start cringing at what he says.


If he's actually a millionaire from trading FX, like the title suggests, I'd be surprised.
This is pretty funny. And dangerous.

The implication is he's in the USA, but the only way he's "never" having a losing trade... is to hedge on an shore-off account.

The accent is slightly annoying and I'm pretty sure he's not made millions.

Edit: 27 minutes in, ah, good old Martingale "averaging down". 4x ("Max", he says!).

Edit 2: He's giving this talk in Arizona. Unless you're running split-account setups, Hedging is illegal for US-citizens in Retail Forex Trading.

I found the website for what they're selling. Once ICT pops back around, we should probably ask him the hilarious back-side details to the product. There's a good chance he's played with it. (Much like practically everything else)
FTMO Trader Scouting