Asset Pricing - (free) Online Course by the University of Chicago

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I've taken a few Coursera courses on financial subjects and I've really enjoyed them.. this new one got my attention and I think others here might like it:

It's more theory based than about trading, and deals with assets in general instead of just one market, but brushing up on fundamentals and market knowledge is never a bad thing!

You guys might want to check it out.
I will mention that the first few lectures are very math / equation heavy. It might be confusing for people who haven't done a few financial mathematics courses in their school years... not to worry though, there's plenty of meat to the course later on that doesn't really need you to know the equations off by heart, or even know them well enough to work through an academic problem that involves them, so long as you understand the idea /concept behind the math in use (such as random walks, some stats, and stochastic calculus.) As later on they get applied to the good stuff, like how to measure risk and time premium in price, betas, etc...
FTMO Trader Scouting