Any Redditors here?

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If you guys are interested:

I wrote a bot that auto-submits new threads from the forum to a given subreddit that I took over.

This way, you can keep on top of FXGears and see new threads while you're browsing reddit! :D

When it's ready to launch, I'll post an announcement on the front page (and here) with the subreddit to subscribe to...
Yup.. well, I took over /r/currency (choice name) and I wanted to get us a bit more exposure on social networks.

FXGears has some great resources and people so I think it's time to spread the word a bit. You guys deserve the attention and recognition for all your hard work, and it never hurts to have new people introduced to the methods being used by our members (for instance, I'm happy to direct people to ICT's stuff, it's a great resource.)

I just activated the bot, it will post threads on the subreddit that are either new or old but with a new post. It omits threads in the off topic section and instead just focuses on FX specific ones. The bot will only post the thread once to reddit, letting people who subscribe to /r/currency see new threads on FXGears but not bombard them with updates all the time..

The idea is, if you're an avid Redditor but still want to keep atop of what happens at FXGears (without having to visit FXGears every day), then you can subscribe to /r/currency and see new posts in your front page feed.

I'll make the announcement official later today.. (along with making the chat room open to all and part of the main site...) but as of now the bot is fully running and we're integrated. (You might not notice much at first, the bot is set to only submit a new link once every 15 minutes, and it will only pick from the most recent 10 threads to submit from..)
ahah.. so the bot got its account deleted by reddit admins for tripping a few filters they have. Oh well.. I gotta refine it a bit before turning it back on.

Right now I'm knee deep in tradingview integration, so reddit integration will have to go on pause for now... still though, the subreddit is live and gaining subscribers, so that'st still good for us.
FTMO Trader Scouting