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    MT4 Futures

    Meta Trader FOREX Ltd out of the UK offers EURO and USDX on the Mt4 platform. It doesn't expire but if you live in the US it will only be a demo. Good Luck Damon
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    Damon's Trading Journal

    USD/CAD I placed this trade with the fundamentals of the Canadian dollar weakening. Having a pullback into the 70% retracement of the low on 7/31 to the high of 8/22-23. Risk is 1 % and will try to have a position trade with the idea of continued weakness of the CAD. Tapped out as all know how...
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    Damon's Trading Journal

    Todays trade The reason for taking the trade was the gap open on Sunday of over 100 pips. It is a very inefficient move and continued to climb looking for Thursdays highs of the previous week. So, I set my order to take me into the market above those highs. With the though of the market sweeping...
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    Damon's Trading Journal

    I am going to start a trading journal also. It will keep me honest with myself and a good reference to analyze my trades. I am looking for 50 plus pip setups. Preferably a swing trade. I do not trade everyday and risk but .5-1% per trade. I am though looking at the market most days.
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    Hello All

    Well, I traded stocks for a couple of years then I found Forex. Been trading Forex for over 3 years and with a lot of study and pain averaging 6-8% a month now. I am working to get those numbers to around 20%. I should be there in another year. The last Video from ICT was really good and opened...