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    ADR indicator

    Hi guys, I am after ADR indi similar to the one ICT uses in his videos. I'm sure somebody mentioned that have had it re-worked/re-coded, but can't remember who. the ICT one is very cool in appearance but not sure is accurate and fully functional. basically what I want it to do: - ability to...
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    Decision Tree Trade Management

    this is so good, dont think I've come across something like that as it relates to trading. great suff, Jack!
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    Support and Guidance for Tribal Minds - Part 2

    Great publications so far, Jack! Cant believe I've overlooked this part of the forum for so long. This articles are so brilliant and helpful, thanks a ton for taking the time, I really enjoy reading them. Now, back on topic: could you elaborate a bit more on the quoted point, not sure I...
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    Central Bank Dealers Range Indicator

    Hi Hopi, Great indis first of all, your work is highly appreciated! Just wanted to let you know, no biggie, but on Daily v1.15, the Daily Open doesnt seem to work properly. When selected to show (from 5 GMT for example, as I prefer it), it actually appears between 0 and 5 gmt only. for the...
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    ICT Options Trading Course?

    ...oh, forgot to share what a sweet little tool I found while searching for the above: in case you wondering, thats Futures Markets Correlation table, you can change the time span from 30 to 180 days. enjoy! :thumbsup:
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    ICT Options Trading Course?

    Hi everyone, was wondering if someone knows where CRB Index chart can be found online (and for free >:D)? had it before, but now they have it on dedicated site and is paid service. best alternative I've found is this: , but its not as good...
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    ICT Options Trading Course?

    forgot to add link to the actual Barron's publication:
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    ICT Options Trading Course?

    yes, precisely, IB are voted number one in almost every review, but I'm not prepared to put in this $10k just now, so I'll go to them when I grow the account, lol. optionsHouse - had chat with them, no UK customers allowed so crossed them right away. $1,000 min deposit. some of the others on...
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    ICT Options Trading Course?

    since, I'm in the UK and here the choice is very, very limited (found only 3 and they all want £10k deposit!), so I looked at the US brokers and from those who accept overseas customer at all, the 2 that ended on my shortlist where optionsXpress and tradeMonster. I went with the first one as...
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    ICT Options Trading Course? meantime I opened an Futures&Options account, will fund it on Monday and I'm ready for rock 'n roll, baby! :)
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    ICT Options Trading Course?

    he said that is working on the webinar (''removing stuff, adding stuff'') still, so lets hope he'll finish it soon... it was really, really loaded with priceless information. tnx