ADR indicator

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Hi guys,

I am after ADR indi similar to the one ICT uses in his videos.

I'm sure somebody mentioned that have had it re-worked/re-coded, but can't remember who.
the ICT one is very cool in appearance but not sure is accurate and fully functional.

basically what I want it to do:
- ability to calculate the average daily range for 'x' number of days
- ability to change the start time of the day
- to avoid the Sunday candle (merge it with Monday's) where present
- to be visually similar to the ICT one (segmented lines for ADR high and low with change of color when hit)
- to show number of pips expected vs actual in top right corner
- maybe as a bonus to show the spread too.
- and maybe as an extra bonus to calculate the weekly, monthly range too (or any time frame at all) ???

I have a spreadsheet calculating the ADR for the day and then will plot it manually on the chart, but takes time, especially if you monitoring more than couple pairs.

any help with the code is appreciated.
FTMO Trader Scouting