Winning Strategy for Short-term Trends (Leaked)

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Rule-based discretionary traders are among the best traders on this planet. The trading strategy explained here is a rule-based discretionary system. Similarly, the fact that the majority of traders fail does not mean that trading is a dead end activity. Traders who are successful prove otherwise. Occasional losses leading to transient drawdowns are inevitable but not insurmountable challenges in trading.

The secret to success lies in developing a deep love for trading and a willingness to apply trading principles that work. Trading principles that work are non-market specific. For a strategy to survive all market conditions, it must have three ingredients incorporated into it: aborting losers and capitalizing on winners, very low risk, and rock-solid discipline.

These are the secrets of trading masters – trading success has nothing to do with your ability to predict the markets accurately. If you give yourself a sensible reward-to-risk ratio, you will survive the markets in the long run. For instance, it does not make sense to risk $20 in an effort to gain $2. These secrets are what make the difference between financial freedom and financial disaster – the difference between solvency and bankruptcy.

The Pedigree of a Good Strategy
It is very disturbing that so many traders find it difficult to survive on the markets. Many top market speculators are perplexed by a new generation of traders who do not seem to have a clue about the skills necessary to preserve their trading portfolios.

The issue is: even if you are disciplined, it would be difficult for you to survive with a worse expectancy system, i.e. a system whose risk is greater than the reward. And checking complex data ad infinitum is not so sensible for simple markets either. Good trading strategies are the ones that survive all market conditions.

This kind of strategy must be effective in sustaining minimal drawdowns when the market conditions are not favorable – while making a decent profit during favorable market conditions. Whether a strategy is trend-following or countertrend or scalping, it will survive all market conditions provided that those simple but effective principles are incorporated into it. The markets eventually reward those who show an earnest quest for trading mastery.

Winning Strategy for Short-term Trends:

Breakdown of the Strategy
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Indicators parameters:
Buy rule:
Sell Rule:
Position sizing:
Stop loss:
Take profit:
Trailing stop:
Risk per trade:
Potential reward per trade:
Max. weekly drawdown:
Safety rule:
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Average orders per week:
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Signals generation periods:

Winning Strategy for Short-term Trends:
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