Why do people wanna change their methods?

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I see that there are a lot of people who have been in the market for many years, who have very good and very wide knowledge, they know many trading methods and many of them are really good.

But it's strange that they still keep changing the method they're using, it's obsolete, no, it's because they don't persist in pursuing any method to the end, they just want to experiment and find more because they always doubt their own current method.

And I believe they will stay like that forever and can't be stopped for a lifetime.
I agree. I suppose people try to change their methods to adapt to the market. Or maybe they feel that they could be making more money? Personally, I'm more a fan of sticking with what works and maybe testing new things on demo.
I am not sure I fully agree. When I look at my own trading journey I have changed and adapted as I studied. When I look at the charts I used to produce, they were so busy. I am surprised I could see what I was doing.
There's only one strategy and that is pure price action! All of these other strategies are just masks, a counter productive tool to get you to believe this is why the market is moving in a certain direction or consolidate. Once you understand why the market moves and when it moves, your trading will hit the next level!
Traders keep trying and I believe this is what they should do. A trader has been successful with his strategy that does not mean he would have to stop learning new method of trading. Yes, any new strategy must be applied on demo account to find out whether it really works or not.
It's really down to a lack of patience.
Even when people have a good strategy they will get bored, look for trades or action on the charts .
Only take grand A setups and if one dosen't wait until the next one shows up
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