Which one do you prefer? mt4, mt5, or a custom-built web trader by the broker.

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hey guys.
whats up?
I really need your help on this question,
If you have to choose one ,
which one would be your choice? mt4, mt5 or brokers' own web trader designed.
Well, I prefer MT4, because it is a well-established and well-developed platform that has millions of users all over the globe.
Neither, they are old platforms with old programming languages. Inquire about Tradestation or Multicharts
Hey there! In my opinion, I'd suggest going with MT5. It's the latest and greatest, kind of like the newest smartphone model. Also, it's super precise, especially when you're drawing trendlines across different timeframes, which is like drawing different paths for a race that's taking place at different speeds. So, for me, MT5 would be the top choice!
FTMO Trader Scouting