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What Super Traders Don’t Want you to Know - Now Available Free?


Succeeding as a Trader after Learning the Necessary Facts and Skills
This book profiles 22 renowned super traders from around the world. Great traders who know what it takes to be successful in the markets. In this follow up to his previous book: “Learn From the Generals of the Markets,” the author gives an overview of their careers and explains what lessons can be drawn from their success.

The book emphasizes on the kind of friends you keep will have impact on your life, and of course, on your trading career. When you hang out with those who hate trading, those who have been floored by the markets and have sworn not to have anything to do with the markets
again, those who are afraid of the challenges the markets offer, those whose job is to discourage you from attaining your goals in life, you cannot become successful in the markets.

Trading is a wonderful experience that can transform lives. We need to surround ourselves with successful traders or at least, read about them, plus the principles that can be learned from them. The super traders featured in this book will inspire you and reveal the principles behind
their success. For you to eventually reach a position of a super trader (one who makes profits consistently and effortlessly), you definitely need more than strategies. There are certain timeless truths, principles, mindsets and beliefs that super traders cannot do without. Since using
the best strategy without the essential requirements would not improve any statistics; the catholicity of those seamless requirements cannot be overemphasized.

Super Traders with Enviable Achievements
Kenneth Fisher – a billionaire trader who is featured in the book – is an exceptional trader who was introduced to the trading world by a market legend, Philip Fisher, who was his dad. This shows that when we teach young people the art of trading, we prepare them for financial freedom
as early as possible. James Chanos, another highly profitable trader featured in the book, testifies to this fact by saying: “Life intrudes – as when you get older you end up with more responsibilities and your ability to take risk diminishes. If you are 25 and have a great idea and you fail, no one is going to hold it against you, and future you will be able to take more financial and career risk. If it does not work, you still have your whole life ahead of you.” You will also come across some celebrity traders like Dan Loeb (the Kanye West of Wall Street) and Ray
Dalio (the Steve Jobs of investing).

More interestingly, the book features some female super traders like a high earning hedge fund manager, Leda Braga; an influential female trader, Maria Boyazny; a world trading champion, Victoria Grimsley; and a happy market player, Toni Turner. The author advises that women should never underestimate their right to become a trader, including their limitless potential to become financially free. It is very sad that some people still underestimate women when it comes to online trading. It is unfair to underestimate women in the trading world because there is no level of achievement that cannot be attained by them. In fact, female traders have been a blessing to the trading world. In addition, they are a source of inspiration and encouragement to us.

The Inevitable Trading Experiences
According to the author, the gallivanting neophyte will pass through two phases of experiences. The first phase is when she/he loses money no matter what she/he does. This is a phase where the majority quit trading, and not many people go beyond that phase. The second phase is when one begins to make money easily. These are the people that the public call “market wizards,” “super traders,” “pros,” “expert speculators,” “gurus,” “witches,” “mad geniuses,” et cetera. The public think something is special about them, but these people know that there is nothing special about them. What makes the difference is that they decided to continue fighting for success at the stage that most others quit. This book will definitely be of interest to those who are determined to become super traders.

Adapted from TRADERS’ Book Review, June/July 2015 (pages 60 - 61)

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