What learning resources do you recommend for aspiring traders?

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I am new to the world of investing and trading in the stock market and have no knowledge whatsoever. Please provide some good free guides


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Hi! The Babypips website has a lot of useful content for beginners, so I would suggest starting there. There's also a forum like this one with a lot of active members. YouTube also has some good content and the Forex Academy channel is great for beginners as well. You could also practice on demo through a broker once you're ready.


I definitely second Babypips if your just staring out. It goes right from the basics upwards. There is so much info there it's well worth looking into. I would also look at Forex Peace Army - Military school. It's quite a similar concept but offers different ideas. The forum is also good for Broker reviews as well.
FTMO Trader Scouting