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What are the key factors to consider when implementing a trailing stop loss strategy in trading, and how do you determine the optimal trailing distance for different market conditions?
With this particular subject, I can only say that keeping a realistic expectation is very important from the get-go as it has to be with consideration of your risk tolerance. As for the distance, I would say is entirely dependent on the pair and asset that is being traded on and how volatile it is, also, the duration of the trade is very important to look to.
No problem, I have never used it, I prefer to modify the positions myself as the trade goes on, since I don't trade all day long, when I do I am watching the whole thing full time.
To optimize a trailing stop loss strategy, adjust the stop distance based on the asset's volatility, market conditions, your trading style, and use tools like ATR or percentage-based calculations, regularly refining through backtesting.
Key factors: market volatility, risk tolerance, and trade objectives.
To determine the optimal trailing distance, it's essential to analyze historical price movements
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