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Lets start the 30 pip (there about's) "weekly count" swing from Midnight New York 30 pip reward trades,
did that make sense? Lol

Here is number one for the week, i actually traded it short... :p
Price hunted the 4 hour order block down before going up again NY

ICT's words "you will see one or two Barn Burners each week using this concept" no pun intended into the Baltimore scene tonight

I have started a Barn Burner file


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OK i just shorted Ozzy just for the heck of it... is inside a 4h OB though & htf bodies of candles, what day is it?

it really is an excellent strategy ICT...

Since going over the charts fiber cable & ozzy, looks pretty good

Week 1

If there is no vertical line, that means the trade failed or it did not develop well enough to take the trade using other factors


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Had a pretty similar outlook on Fiber....

Price didn't make it down to the 4h, 1h, or 15m +OB I was waiting for. Price did hit the 61% retracement that happened to line up quite nicely with the CDR and shot up a quick 35 pips or so. I'm currently awaiting a retracement of that move and will look to enter on a move back to the 1.0873 level (5m +OB on my feed). USDX has some lows around 96.30 it needs to sweep to fuel another up move in the fiber.


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I shorted Cable and Fiber, cable TP hit, Fiber still in progress

edit: fiber TP hit, closed out Ozzy break even, will post charts
Cable short more than 30...


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Well in front today, re shorted Ozzy with a very low risk entry


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matty44 said:
What made you switch your bias from the fiber chart you posted a few hours ago?

Fiber did not retrace to the intended target, it rallied instead... Sold the red circle for about 28 pips


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Even though i shorted against the trend, fiber cable and ozzy, i am still in profit using this concept in a loose manner... :thumbsup:

Ozzy stopped out


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Well that's the nice thing about this...doesn't matter who's right, as long as we're both profitable ;D ;D ;D

USDX took out its stops.
1/2 off at 75 pips, and letting the rest run to the ADR/LC with SL at +40 on the remaining position.


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Second TP objective (100pips) reached just shy of 4h bearish OB.


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matty44 said:
Second TP objective (100pips) reached just shy of 4h bearish OB.

I like how you show your analysis AND the trade ticket to demonstrate that you're actually trading what you draw up on the chart! Bravo! :thumbsup:

also the time of your post.... :pbnj: make a wish!
Week 2 The Barn Burner File

Fiber and Cable ( the top in cable hit the HTF objective if you included your spread, maybe you would be in the trade

dont worry about the sell on fiber that is not apart of this exercise...

The exercise is from ict's recent video


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