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Your trading journal should reflect not only your trades but also your evolving mindset. How has your journal helped you become a better trader?
Hello to everyone. Have a good 2024 to be. I was a futures option seasonal infrequent trader many years ago and had to put things on hold for awhile. Slowly getting back in the game. My journal highlights now are: Be on your game. If any doubts about the trade, you don't do it. All time frames have to line up, period. This is how trends are made. Patience. I needed to learn better money management. So important. Sometimes the ego gets in the way after a series of good trades and one cannot get careless. More patience.
On another note, are there any older traders that are from the Ken Roberts era here? I am looking for a couple of his US Chart paper charts for personal reasons. If you have some collecting dust in a closet somewhere, that would be great, thank you. I tossed mine many years ago from moving.
Welcome back to the trading world! Your insights on discipline, patience, and money management are spot on. Best of luck in your journey, and I hope you find those charts!
happy new year.
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