There Is Something Intriguing About Trading

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“In my experience trading takes a very important and somewhat rare personality trait which is: the ability to see the next logical step and to then get it done. If this ability is lacking you will always be behind.” – Garachen (Source: Elitetrader)

Why Is Trading a Good Money-making Vehicle?
It’s a level playing field. Everybody is welcome.
You don’t have a boss to control you.
You need only a PC and Internet connection.
You can make money whether the market goes up or down.
The more experience you’ve, the better you become.
The starting capital is minimal.
You’ve great money management flexibility. You stay in control.
You choose when to trade and when not to trade.
Profits come naturally when you’re away from your system.
You can coach others including your family members.

There Is Something Intriguing About Trading
Most members of the public don’t believe they can trade successfully. They’ve been convinced that they can only give their money to professional funds managers to manage, without knowing that they can do this themselves. Your parents don’t have trading secrets to give you. Your school doesn’t have trading secrets to give you. The society don’t have the secrets to give you.

While there are pros who can manage your money successfully, it’s true that when you’ve correct trading methodologies and use them faithfully, you can even do better than the so-called pros in terms of percentage returns.

Forex trading is a good business, but many people don’t understand it. It’s controversial because the public opinions about it are unfair and warped. Most members of the public understand other types of business, save Forex.

There are ways to make small and consistent profits on monthly basis, which become considerable on annual basis. Since most people don’t have experience and others around them don’t have the knowledge, they’re afraid to get in. The reality is; successful traders are just normal people like me and you.

There are good trading systems you can use to make money, and those who use these systems aren’t smarter or better than you in any way. The only difference is that those who use good trading systems have the willingness to attain riches through discipline.

Conclusion: Trading is different from investing. As a trader, you buy and sell within days or weeks, but an investor may hold a position for months or years. The greatest market speculators are faithful to strategies that give them an edge. They stick to those strategies when they work and when they don’t work. I pray that your fortitude will not be shaken in trying times. Your true trading potential lies beyond your innate gifts.

The article is concluded by this quote:

“Trading is not a sin, but trading without knowing what you are doing can lead to a lot of problems. Trading, in and of itself, is not considered as gambling…. However, gambling is considered to be foolish. Trading without adequate knowledge of the markets and self is foolish because, by doing so, you are gambling… There is a certain amount of self-knowledge needed to choose the proper trading method.” – Andy Jordan
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