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Hello everybdy,

I'm messing with forex for many years already, in the pst 2 years started to take it as a business and started to develop a trading methodology that fits my personality.

In my day job I'm a programmer, so I have some background to crunch data and develop EAs. In the end I settled on a discretionary-systematic methodology, fits me. I woudn't mind fully auto though, I just didn't find a strong mechanical edge.


I thought by looking at your name you may have been an equity trader.

I've spoken with plenty of semi and fully automated traders and at the end of the day its just supposed to substitute what your currently doing anyway but your putting 3x the work into just making sure its doing what it has to do lol.

We've been slackin in recruiting some programmers and EA people so its nice to see we drew someone of your caliber. in
Nah, am just the usual spot fx trader who bumped into fx commercials some good years ago. Now working my way towards an alternative income to my software dev job. Tried many things, finally settled to intermediate timeframes trading (M30, 1H) for quick swing trades. My "grand strategy" is to capture the average of the daily, weelly or monthly timeframes. I can expand if there's interest...

Spyder, actually is the name of the Python IDE I use to test my ideas. :p

Nice group you guys have here, was on FF but that place is not trader friendly anymore, imo.

FTMO Trader Scouting