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Recently I committed to giving a small amount of money to an organization that I believe is doing some great things. What was funny is when I wrote that first check it honestly pained me to hand it over ( I know, Greedy little B@stard right?). It has gotten easier since then and I think I might actually start enjoying it in the near future. ;D ;D Do any of you have some favorite non profit organizations that you like to give to? Do you consider giving money a healthy psychological exercise that effects you trading? Thoughts?
Over 30 years ago, hadn't started up that long, a guy gave me a sad story and asked for a small loan, I had seconds to make my mind up - to give or not to give.

I never did find out if his story was true, I gave, never saw him again - but the strangest thing is that ever since, even though I have refused some later, I believe that I got more back than I gave that day.
What I think is interesting is some of the richest people in the world are the most generous. Is generosity a product of having more then you need? Or, is it a function of success?

If you spend any time on forums you will inadvertently find some newbie trader saying something like this; "I want to become a trader and make millions so I can give a bunch of it away to the poor". When in fact they are just coming up with reasons they deserve to be successful traders. I think they have a preconceived idea that being rich is morally wrong. So then they have to come up with reasons why they deserve to be rich (i.e. to give money away).
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