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Hello FXGears community!

Trading was something I always had in the back of my mind... However, I never had in the past the discipline to perform in this business.

Maybe like some of you folks, after reading a couple of books and surfing the web from sites to sites, I found ICT in a forum at the beginning of it 2nd thread. Right after is first series of video, (silent PPT presentation) I got attached to the price action theorie. Therefore most of all my learning from that moment was centralized on ICT tools & technique.

In 2012, I taught I was ready to start live trading. I tried and quickly realized that I needed to work on my own person prior to hope becoming a successful trader. Therefore I pulled the plug from forum & trading and focused on developing myself.

Now, with all this being says, my objective this fall is to build a trading plan that will fit my busy schedule. (work, school & full time dad...)

My main challenges are the followings:

- Make my market analysis on week-end
- Trade with my I phone
- No available trading platform (desktop) during days & evening
- Very limited time to watch intraday charts

My goals for this fall:

- Study charts every week-end (market analysis fiber only)
- Determine my key levels & entry levels upfront
- Focus on 1 trading pattern only
- Trade when time & price meets
- keep a journal

In the next couples of week, I will post my plan & analysis weekly.

Your comments are greatly welcome. I am a very positive person and I like to see the different opinions from others member of the community. I think this is a great constructive way of learning.

Sebastien (StackingPIP)
HI StackingPiP.
Nice introduction.

Good to see you have a plan, goals and are aware of the psychological aspects of trading. One cannot underestimate the psychological aspect of trading.

There are no rules in this business. Well excepting laws and regulations. We, as traders create our own environment.

Maturity helps greatly in the trading process. I'm sure with the responsibility of being a full time you have the maturity angle covered :)

One last thing, there is always another day another trade.

FTMO Trader Scouting