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Just stumbled on it by the net, its pretty well summarized,to the point with no BS.
And another about risk managment.
And about margin and leverages:
And a very good explanation about technical analysis that should get you in the correct mind frame about expectations.
If you are a newer trader i would suggest to watch the whole series.. It presents very good technical value ,and Katsaros is a seasoned trader himself. And for free, you are getting better, solid, tested explanation about concepts then with most of the paid stuff. Maybe the best things in life, are free? 8)
From his explanations about the indis and tools, you could throw together a simple clean system pretty fast, after you grasp the concepts.

Re: Spotware vid on basic trader psychology

Piper said:
... its pretty well summarized, to the point with no BS.

That's for sure! Spot on with Spotware :) ... He covers a lot of ground and says some good practical stuff. He has set a new standard for videos :))
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These guys are good. ;)
Thats whats happening when traders get together to make their own platform after they've fed up with the BS from all the rest..8) My guess is that mt4 and the rest are deadwalking platforms.

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You could well be right. I've noticed that some brokers, at least, have cooled on MT4. I think they experienced a lot of grief when the 600 build was introduced. I know one that ramped up their search for an alternate platform as a result and, though they had already offered cTrader, they began pushing it harder.

I have it installed from an earlier evaluation. I plan to start it up later this evening and let it run its updates. Even from the videos above I can see quite a lot of development since my last look. Thanks for the pointer Piper!
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My pleasure Doc ;)
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