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Well, hello everyone.
We all feel the urge to take revenge from the market (which it's not a good thing at all).
In these situations how to do you manage your emotions?
This and not closing out is the reason why most fail. But here lies the quandary, the losers finance the winners, & it’s a negative sum game (spread/commissions/charges). The second quandary, take a stock mostly going up, technically every trader could be a winner.

There is no definitive answer, accept perhaps work with your emotions rather than try and squash them.

On the trade side, if you have the math right, and buy/sell to increase your size whilst increasing your differential, it becomes a game of structure, math & curiosity. That has changed my game.
I get it. but based on my experience it's not always about the math. emotions and the way we treat them have a huge impact on our trading.
I used to overtrade, and when I asked the same subject in a forum, everyone's advice was to take some time off and try to avoid thinking about trading.It somewhat worked for me. give it a shot; perhaps it will work for you as well.
Just treat every Trade as an independent event.
The only exception would be to reduce risk after a string of losses. The best 'revenge' may be to play with less or not at all.
It may be Duck Season.
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