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I am a new day-trader. My trades are 90% with commodities.

Up until recently, my strategy seemed to be working fine and I had increased my capital by 20% in 6 weeks. Lately, it looks like every time I'm going bear, it'll turn around to bull and the other way round.

Just to mention that I rarely get in a trade without waiting for some kind of confirmation, but despite that, it looks like after I see 2 or 3 bull bars with good volume and I enter the trade, it'll turn around and I'll end loosing it.

So, in a few words, the charts go from bear to bull and the opposite way so fast and unexpectidly, that loosing a trade is nearly a 100% possibility.

I am not sure why the past 3-4 weeks especially, it is an everyday occurence and as a result, my gains are close to zero.
It had happened before, but as a new guy in the "game", I am unsure why it became so regular and my confidence is dropping as fast as my available trading capital.

Any suggestions on how to turn this around?

PS: I am currently extremely cautious on what trade I might take, but still, losses doesn't seem to ease on me.


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Markets have been in turmoil lately. I think many people are finding it difficult to trade. Sometimes better to take a break if you hit a loosing streak, sit back, watch, analyze.
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