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I am a new day-trader. My trades are 90% with commodities.

Up until recently, my strategy seemed to be working fine and I had increased my capital by 20% in 6 weeks. Lately, it looks like every time I'm going bear, it'll turn around to bull and the other way round.

Just to mention that I rarely get in a trade without waiting for some kind of confirmation, but despite that, it looks like after I see 2 or 3 bull bars with good volume and I enter the trade, it'll turn around and I'll end loosing it.

So, in a few words, the charts go from bear to bull and the opposite way so fast and unexpectidly, that loosing a trade is nearly a 100% possibility.

I am not sure why the past 3-4 weeks especially, it is an everyday occurence and as a result, my gains are close to zero.
It had happened before, but as a new guy in the "game", I am unsure why it became so regular and my confidence is dropping as fast as my available trading capital.

Any suggestions on how to turn this around?

PS: I am currently extremely cautious on what trade I might take, but still, losses doesn't seem to ease on me.
Markets have been in turmoil lately. I think many people are finding it difficult to trade. Sometimes better to take a break if you hit a loosing streak, sit back, watch, analyze.
The markets have been hard to gauge which isn't surprising when we have lurched from one disaster to another with Covid, now the war in Ukraine and the rates of inflation and impending global recession closing in.
It has become harder but maybe sit back and wait for better market structure.
What commodities do you trade friend
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