Price Action - Does it work?

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just saw your post, so what price action strategies have you used? there's good and bad info out there of course, the curse of the internet - they let anyone post their "wisdom". don't be discouraged though, price action is the best approach to forex and there are some great resources out there. my favorite is, and forex4noobs is pretty good as well. i joined both so if you have any questions i can answer - let me know. it's hard to give more targeted feedback for you without knowing what you've tried so far, so maybe add more info to this post and we can get into the specifics. hope this helps!

DomainProperty said:
Looking for feedback on price action? I have used a number of strategies and none have worked so far.

It works. But to be able to utilize it, be ready for a long journey of studies,trial/error and practice.

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