Picking a Pair: Discussion on the ICT Teaching

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I want to append an outline for this to the Intro Guide, but that thread loads a bit too much. ;)

Anyway, a classic ICT maxim is to learn 1 pair, and, normally, just trade that. It's a good place to start for more traders. There's a lot of good reasoning behind choosing just 1 pair, but I don't think anyone has taken to writing down some basic Pro's/Con's of the different pairs.

I'm not looking to collect a full insight into the Majors, just some basics. Since the USD-JPY is my main pair, I'll post the basics that I'm thinking about.

Pro's: Reacts well to higher Time Frame levels. A few specific patterns repeat during the Asia Session on a regular basis. Late Afternoon trading available for US Time Zone people.

Con's: Bifurcated daily moves (Asia & New York operate differently), Best Entries can happen at any point from Sunday open to Friday Close. Normally very slow during LO.

If you trade a pair regularly, I'd love to add in your insight. This is for the Majors, and probably more focused on the Time Zone aspect. Not everyone can make LO, so when is the "best" trading time for a pair, would be helpful.
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