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I am trying to choose between IG Group and (I'm in the USA). I hear a lot of trashing of online in reddit, but the complaints seem to come from uneducated traders. I get the impression that some are blaming "" the broker for things they read about online involving "forex" (ie., forex scams), or they make accusations against the broker,, because they placed a trade when price action was trending, and then the price moved against them suddenly -- as though is conspiring against them. I even read some complaints that charts were moving the opposite direction than charts on tradingview or other brokers.

Not sure what to think about them. I would love to hear from traders who are successful and have been doing this a long time. What do you think of, and would you choose IG USA over

I'd also be interested to hear opinions about US forex dealers. I'm currently looking for the "best" option available and am having a rough time finding a good option.

I did have a look at NFA complaints and it looks like has had 2 fines in the past 5 years, one related to unfairly cancelling or adjusting customer orders in 2022 due to "system malfunction". In 2019, again they "failed to properly adjust customers adversely impacted by an execution problem". Maybe I'm too cynical, but that's enough for me to decide they're untrustworthy.

Oanda and IG have fewer recent complaints. But it's tough to beat the spreads on

Anyone want to weigh in?
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