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Welcome, I am Tansen and I would like to share with you my experience from my first trading system. I first started being intrigued by forex thanks to my father's friend whom went to a money show and was introduced to Sam Seidan's course. He started to introduce me into in my early College years unfortunately I had very little taken away from that experience aside from the exposure to Fibonacci's.

Few years later I started to dislike my career choice and the monumental abuse physically and mentally I would have endure so I decided to pursue forex again. Obviously I was trading on the seat of my pants using all my leverage on a $300 account and blowing it up in a month to $800. I thought this is easy, I just take max units possible look for when the trade goes in to profit and keep going in and out like a true scalper and if it goes against me a little maybe 5-10 pips no problem just wait, or wait even a day, set my tp and go to bed or go do something else.

Unfortunately after the 3rd month I ran into the euro crisis and I was long from the top at 1.4500. It took me nearly the whole month to get margin called and I kept going at it and it just kept fighting back and unfortunately I lost.

After being beaten I decided that I need some structure I can't do the "I have a feeling thing anymore and hold and hope forever" so I started to browse and I came across a guy in forexpeacearmy's site who traded MACD and DINapoli levels. Unfortunately for me I didn't understand either and they looked like stochastics to me but I started to hack at it. Didn't see much in terms of success or profitability even after I picked up Joe DiNapoli's book and started reading it. I eventually admitted that I was looking for an easy person to follow that was accredited in terms of making trades and simply it was looking for a signal service for free.

Shortly after I stumbled across Babypips to which I started browsing around and I looked at person named omh... I forgot the rest of his name it was complicated, I looked at his Phoenix System and wanted to give it a shot but I couldn't bring myself to read so much dry material.

While on that forum I met a man by the code name Eremarket or one of his other names which was Jay/Greg/Scott. He explained to me he didn't take Sam Seidan's course which was a name I recognized at the time and told me that he took the free material and filled in the gaps. I decided to keep my options open and after meeting with a few and accidentally meeting the InnerCircleTrader; I didn't know who he was or how big he was on that site, albeit I did not like the cocky claims about him making 30% a month and so forth and strayed from him. Don't get me wrong now, I actually trade a version of his system now. However I started with Jay because he mentioned a name I heard of before which was Sam Seidan.

Now Jay's initial claim was that he was a futures trader and eventually moved to forex. Initially from what he taught me it was all about price action, levels, and patience. He eventually built a small following and was teaching others and offering to manage money via Signal service. He eventually started charging for everything and I don't know about anyone else but I go by the motto "The best things in life are free" and it's something I stick to even now and it has saved me and my wallet.

The things he taught me eventually lead me to catch my first 120 pip trade which ran to 150 but I trailed the stop too close. I thought myself WOW, and here I was just picking off 1-5 when I started. Seeing that boosted my confidence ten fold I would see maybe 2-3 losses at the beginning of the week and after the first day or two I'd see nothing but winning trades hand over fist.

However this is something I learned about later about market shifts and its unfortunate because I took that $500 account and turned it into $700 which I later turned in to 0. What had happened was everything came crashing down it was a large spiral of conspiracy and angst. I was losing every single trade I was getting in and obviously I would turn to Jay for advice...which turned into even more heartache since we had so much time invested into one another he disappeared and was labelled a scammer. I am resistant to that because a few of the more intelligent members looked at it from a different point of view claiming that there's a possibility that he wasn't a scam for the simple fact that he knew more than an average trader and even some stuff that I actually didn't know until a lot later down the line. So to me its a mystery that I will leave to rest because I would like to remember the spirit and the time he gave to help me in the early stages because he could of just said pay me upfront or disregard me constantly pestering with questions. So for that Jay/Eremarket whatever your name maybe I thank you.

Experience is experience good or bad we learn, we move on, and I remember back to when I watched the Legion of Superheroes when they first introduced the karate kid whom could not handle himself in a fight and ended up being a liability for his lack of superpowers to take care of himself he'd always remind himself that there is another way. That is something I said to myself in my other profession and its something I take to heart doing this as well.

So that marked my adventure into my first trading system I eventually settled into following ICT which I would guess is a victim of its own success and I have slightly moved away from his material but the concepts, the ideals, the spirit I keep alive because it's something we need to remember and improve upon and I believe that learning to fail helps you succeed.

So, with my story here lets hear yours!

P.S Hi Clark!
Hi Tansen, oh the fond memories.. of Jay.. but call me Greg and dont tell anyone.. oh and here is my brothers paypal account...
It was that same time as yourself I stumbled across ICT. Fed up with the flamers I hung on every word Mike would say and would re-watch every video as he released them in the hope that a 'key' like something out of the DaVinci code would magically appear infront of me...aha the Holy Grail...
Needless to say as time progressed and promises made were then broken 'respect' became an issue for me.. and I was one of those people suckered into the failing of his FX book launch.. I mean free lunch... yeah I will have some of that...
Now at this point I'm really licking my wounds...hammered account, but I still had every vid and livestream that Mike had created and even had the whole Larry Williams course videos which magically disappeared online!
So I done what any self respecting person would do... :'(
So then began the journey which I walk everyday to find out what kinda trader I am.... I will not arrive at the trader's graveyard!
Haha, to be bluntly honest most of the credit goes to Clark, he actually helped me pivot from this and build me a foundation to go on.

This was in the later when I was going into ICT's stuff I kept falling a sleep! I only fall a sleep during movies and videos to which I find is really boring or non-stimulating and even with that said its extremely rare I snooze. I asked Clark to show me what he knew and how he adapted it because when you learn something from a source you shape it to match you and I was hoping to take what Clark does and shape it into myself.

However its funny because I think its a weird regression because ICT mainly talks about long term swing trades more so than he does about intra-day scalps. Clark spoke mostly about intra-day scalps which I eventually reverse engineered into Intra-week or intra-month. Still workin on intra-month though and Intra-year is kind of out of the question!
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